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Masters Students

Masters students can participate in a criminal justice practicum to earn 3 hours of credit, & up to 3 more hours for professional criminal justice seminars. For specific information about admission requirements for the Masters of Criminal Justice Program, Click Here.

Training Academy Credit

Bethel accepts experiential learning credit from academies. Up to 32 hours can be earned through this program. Speak to your enrollment counselor about specific details.

Experience Counts Towards Your Bachelor's

Portfolio Program: Earn up to 30 credit hours from your work and life experiences. The Portfolio Program recognizes college-level learning that occurred outside of the college classroom. Training through P.O.S.T. can be used as the basis for portfolio applications.

CLEP/DSST (formerly DANTES): Earn up to 30 credit hours by testing out of coursework. These multiple-choice exams are produced by nationally recognized organizations to acknowledge college level learning outside our classrooms. We even offer a preparation program for these tests.

Military Experience and Courses: Earn up to 30 hours of credit from military experience. Through the American Council on Education, military training and experience are recognized as evidence of college-level learning.

Challenge Exams: Earn up to 12 hours of credits through challenge exams. Bethel offers these internal tests as one more way to accelerate earning your degree. With all these options, you may use up to 60 combined hours toward your Bethel degree.

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