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Program Benefits

Bachelor's Program Course Examples

Time for Life: Classes are online. With just a touch of your finger, you will be able to access your classes anytime, anywhere.

Learn with Peers: You will find your classmates are just like you. Bethel University College of Public Service students are working professionals with busy lives and families.

Relevant Coursework: Our degree programs are designed to be applicable to your work life from the first day of class. Often projects actually involve your individual work life. All courses are developed to help you excel in your career, even before you graduate.

Writing-based, Not Test-based: Strong communication skills drive success in the field. We make sure you become an expert at communicating, not test taking, and grades are determined by a writing-based curriculum. We even offer writing workshops to help students become comfortable with good writing techniques.

Success is the Goal: You will never have to worry about what comes next or how the program works. Our enrollment counselors help you from your first questions until your diploma is in your hand.

To get a better idea of what you'll be learning take a look at a few of our course descriptions below:

Planning for Emergency and Disaster Management (3 credit hours)
This course explores methods for preparing public safety personnel, agencies, organizations and communities for emergency and disaster response.

CCJ 3700 Criminal Procedure (3 hours)
Constitutional aspects of criminal procedures, including investigations, arrests, search and seizures, pre-trial processes, trial rights, sentencing, and appeals.

CCJ 3800 Forensic Science (3 hours)
Overview of general principles of forensic science, techniques, equipment, and methodologies as used in crime laboratories. Focus on fingerprint and firearm identification, trace evidence (hair, fiber, paint, glass), blood, DNA evidence, forensic document examination, crime scene kits, and forensic microscopy.

Management of Terrorist Incidents (3 credit hours)
This course will provide an in-depth review of terrorist response recommendations and practices as well as public policy overview.